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Meaning of LAGNIAPPE

Pronunciation:  lan'yap

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a small gift (especially one given by a merchant to a customer who makes a purchase)

LAGNIAPPE is a 9 letter word that starts with L.


 See Also: gift



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\La*gniappe\, Lagnappe \La*gnappe"\, n. [Etym.
In Louisiana, a trifling present given to customers by
tradesmen; a gratuity.

      Lagniappe . . .is something thrown in, gratis, for good
      measure.                                 --Mark Twain.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: balance, bonus, bonus system, bounty, bribe, consideration, decoration, dividend, donative, double time, extra, extra added attraction, extra dash, fee, filigree, filling, fillip, flourish, frill, fringe benefit, gratuity, gravy, grease, honorarium, incentive pay, inducement, largess, leftover, liberality, margin, ornament, overage, overmeasure, overplus, overrun, overset, overstock, oversupply, overtime pay, padding, palm, palm oil, perks, perquisite, perquisites, plus, pourboire, premium, remainder, salve, solatium, something extra, spare, sportula, stuffing, superaddition, surplus, surplusage, sweetener, tip, trimming, Trinkgeld, twist, wrinkle