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Meaning of IN LINE

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adv]  one behind another in a line or queue; "they waited in line for the tickets"
  2. [adj]  being next in a line of succession; "he was in line for the presidency"
  3. [adj]  awaiting something; especially something due; "people were in line at the checkout counter"; "she was in line for promotion"
 Synonyms: eligible, succeeding(a)



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accordant, agreeably, anal, bourgeois, by consensus, compatibly, compulsive, concordant, concordantly, conformist, congenially, consonantly, conventional, corresponding, dead, dead ahead, direct, directly, due, due north, fittingly, formalistic, forthright, hand in glove, harmonious, harmoniously, in a beeline, in accord, in chorus, in concert, in keeping, in line with, in step, in unison, just right, kosher, orthodox, pedantic, plastic, precisianistic, right, square, straight, straight across, straight ahead, straightforward, straightforwards, straightly, stuffy, traditionalist, unanimously, undeviatingly, unswervingly, unveeringly, uptight, with it