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WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a set of tags and rules (conforming to SGML) for using them in developing hypertext documents
 Synonyms: HTML
 See Also: markup language



Computing Dictionary

(HTML) A hypertext document format used on the world-wide web. HTML is built on top of sgml. "Tags" are embedded in the text. A tag consists of a "". Matched pairs of directives, like "" and "" are used to delimit text which is to appear in a special place or style.

Links to other documents are in the form

 <A HREF="http://machine.edu/subdir/file.html">foo</A>

where "A" and "/A" delimit an "anchor", "HREF" introduces a hypertext reference, which is most often a uniform resource locator (URL) (the string in double quotes in the example above). The link will be represented in the browser by the text "foo" (typically shown underlined and in a different colour).

A certain place within an HTML document can be marked with a named anchor, e.g.:

<A NAME="baz">

The "fragment identifier", "baz", can be used in an HREF by appending "#baz" to the document name.

Other common tags include for a new paragraph, ..for bold text, for an unnumbered list, for preformated text, , .. for headings.

html supports some standard sgml national characters and other non-ascii characters through special escape sequences, e.g. "&eacute;" for a lower case 'e' with an acute accent. You can sometimes get away without the terminating semicolon but it's bad style.

The world-wide web consortium (W3C) is the international standards body for HTML.

Latest version: xhtml 1.0, as of 2000-09-10.


character escape sequences.

See also weblint.