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Meaning of HEP

Pronunciation:  hep

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  (informal) informed about the latest trends

HEP is a 3 letter word that starts with H.


 Synonyms: hip, hip to(p), informed



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Hep\, n.
See {Hip}, the fruit of the dog-rose.

Computing Dictionary

High Energy (Particle) Physics.

Biology Dictionary
 Definition: A high egg passage virus is a weakened virus which is passed on through eggs.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: alive to, appreciative of, apprised of, awake to, aware of, behind the curtain, behind the scenes, canny, cognizant of, conscious of, hep to, in the know, in the secret, informed of, knowing, let into, mindful of, nimble-witted, no stranger to, on to, privy to, quick, quick-witted, seized of, sensible of, sensible to, sharp, sharp-witted, slick, smart, streetwise, undeceived, wise to