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Meaning of EMINENTLY

Pronunciation:  'emununtlee

WordNet Dictionary
[adv]  in an eminent manner; "two subjects on which he was eminently qualified to make an original contribution"

EMINENTLY is a 9 letter word that starts with E.


Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Em"i*nent*ly\, adv.
In an eminent manner; in a high degree; conspicuously; as, to
be eminently learned.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abundantly, acutely, amazingly, amply, astonishingly, awesomely, celebratedly, consequentially, conspicuously, copiously, egregiously, emphatically, exceedingly, exceptionally, exquisitely, extraordinarily, extremely, exuberantly, famously, far and away, generously, glaringly, gloriously, grandly, greatly, highly, importantly, impressively, incomparably, incredibly, inimitably, intensely, magically, magnanimously, magnificently, markedly, marvelously, materially, momentously, nobly, notably, notedly, notoriously, outstandingly, par excellence, paramountly, particularly, peculiarly, pointedly, popularly, preeminently, profusely, prominently, pronouncedly, remarkably, richly, saliently, signally, significantly, singularly, splendidly, strikingly, superlatively, supremely, surpassingly, surprisingly, the most, to crown all, transcendently, uncommonly, unusually, very, wonderfully, wondrous, worthily