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Meaning of CERTAINTY

Pronunciation:  'surtntee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  something that is certain; "his victory is a certainty"
  2. [n]  the state of being certain; "his certainty reassured the others"

CERTAINTY is a 9 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: sure thing
 Antonyms: doubt, doubtfulness, dubiety, dubiousness, incertitude, uncertainness, uncertainty, uncertainty
 See Also: assurance, authority, cert, certitude, cocksureness, cognitive state, confidence, indisputability, indubitability, inevitability, inevitableness, overconfidence, predictability, quality, reliance, self-assurance, self-confidence, state of mind, sureness, surety, trust, unquestionability, unquestionableness



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Cer"tain*ty\, n.; pl. {Certainties}. [OF.
1. The quality, state, or condition, of being certain.

         The certainty of punishment is the truest security
         against crimes. --Fisher Ames.

2. A fact or truth unquestionable established.

         Certainties are uninteresting and sating. --Landor.

3. (Law) Clearness; freedom from ambiguity; lucidity.

{Of a certainty}, certainly.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: absolutely, absoluteness, acceptation, acception, acquiescence, act of God, actuality, anticipation, assurance, assuredly, assuredness, authoritativeness, belief, certainly, certitude, confidence, connection, contemplation, conviction, credence, credit, credulity, definitely, definiteness, dependence, dogmatism, expectancy, expectation, fact, faith, fate, fatefulness, firmness, for a certainty, for sure, force majeure, hope, imminence, indefeasibility, indubitably, ineluctability, inescapableness, inevasibleness, inevitability, inevitable accident, inevitableness, inexorability, inflexibility, irrevocability, necessity, positively, positiveness, positivism, predetermination, probability, prospect, reality, reception, relentlessness, reliance, reliance on, self-assurance, staunchness, steadiness, stock, store, sure thing, surely, sureness, surety, suspension of disbelief, thought, trust, truth, unastonishment, unavoidable casualty, unavoidableness, uncontrollability, undeflectability, undeniably, undoubtedly, unpreventability, unquestionably, unyieldingness, vis major