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Meaning of BOOTLEG

Pronunciation:  'boot`leg

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the part of a boot above the instep
  2. [n]  whiskey illegally distilled from a corn mash
  3. [adj]  distributed or sold illicitly; "the black economy pays no taxes"
  4. [v]  produce or distribute illegally; "bootleg tapes of the diva's singing"
  5. [v]  sell illicit products such as drugs or alcohol; "They were bootlegging whiskey"

BOOTLEG is a 7 letter word that starts with B.


 Synonyms: black, black-market, contraband, corn liquor, illegal, moonshine, smuggled
 See Also: boot, corn, corn whiskey, corn whisky, covering, create, make, produce, sell



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: actionable, against the law, anarchic, anarchistic, anomic, bathtub gin, black-market, black-marketeer, blockade, brew, chargeable, contraband, contrary to law, criminal, distill, felonious, fence, flawed, hooch, illegal, illegitimate, illicit, impermissible, irregular, justiciable, lawless, moonlight, moonshine, mountain dew, nonconstitutional, nonlegal, nonlicit, outlaw, outlawed, punishable, push, run, shove, triable, unallowed, unauthorized, unconstitutional, under-the-counter, under-the-table, unlawful, unofficial, unstatutory, unwarrantable, unwarranted, white lightning, wrongful