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Meaning of BOIL DOWN

Pronunciation:  boyl dawn

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  cook until very little liquid is left, as of sauces; "The cook reduced the sauce by boiling it for a long time"
  2. [v]  be cooked until very little is left; as of sauces; "The sauce should reduce to one cup"
  3. [v]  be the essential element; "The proposal boils down to a compromise"
 Synonyms: come down, concentrate, decoct, reduce
 See Also: become, decrease, diminish, fall, lessen, minify, turn



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abbreviate, abridge, abstract, bob, capsulize, clip, compress, condense, contract, crop, curtail, cut, cut back, cut down, cut off short, cut short, dock, elide, epitomize, foreshorten, mow, nip, poll, pollard, prune, reap, recap, recapitulate, reduce, retrench, shave, shear, shorten, snub, streamline, stunt, sum up, summarize, synopsize, take in, telescope, trim, truncate