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Meaning of AU FAIT

Pronunciation:  ow'fe

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  being up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge; "kept abreast of the latest developments"; "constant revision keeps the book au courant"; "always au fait on the latest events"; "up on the news"
 Synonyms: abreast of(p), au courant, informed, up on(p)



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Au` fait"\ ([=o]` f[asl]"). [F. Lit., to the deed, act,
or point. Fait is fr. L. factum. See {Fact}.]
Expert; skillful; well instructed.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: able, abreast, acquainted, au courant, au fond, basically, becoming, befitting, capable, comme il faut, competent, conforming, conversant, correct, decent, fundamentally, good, in essence, informed, nice, proper, qualified, right, up, versed, wicked