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Meaning of ANIMALITY

Pronunciation:  `anu'malitee

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  the physical (or animal) side of a person as opposed to the spirit or intellect

ANIMALITY is a 9 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: animal nature
 See Also: nature



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\An`i*mal"i*ty\, n. [Cf. F. animalit['e].]
Animal existence or nature. --Locke.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acuteness, Adam, and fish, animal kingdom, animal life, Animalia, animalism, atrociousness, atrocity, barbarism, barbarity, barbarousness, bawdiness, beastliness, beasts, beasts of field, beasts of prey, bestiality, big game, birds, bloodiness, bloodlust, bloodthirst, bloodthirstiness, bloody-mindedness, brutality, brutalness, brute creation, brutishness, cannibalism, carnal nature, carnality, carnal-mindedness, cattle, clitoromania, coarseness, concupiscence, cruelness, cruelty, destructiveness, dirtiness, domestic animals, earthiness, eroticism, eroticomania, erotomania, extremity, fallen nature, fallen state, fauna, ferociousness, ferocity, fiendishness, fierceness, flesh, fleshliness, force, furiousness, furor uterinus, furry creatures, game, goatishness, Gothicism, grossness, gynecomania, harshness, horniness, hysteromania, ill breeding, impetuosity, impoliteness, incivility, inclemency, inhumaneness, inhumanity, intensity, lapsed state, lasciviousness, lecherousness, lechery, lewdness, libidinousness, lickerishness, livestock, lubriciousness, lubricity, lust, lustfulness, maleness, malignity, masculinity, materialism, mercilessness, mindlessness, murderousness, Neanderthalism, nonspirituality, nymphomania, obscenity, philistinism, pitilessness, postlapsarian state, prurience, pruriency, randiness, rigor, roughness, ruthlessness, sadism, sadistic cruelty, salaciousness, salacity, sanguineousness, satyriasis, satyrism, savagery, savagism, sensuality, severity, sexiness, sexuality, sharpness, small game, stock, swinishness, terrorism, the beast, the flesh, the offending Adam, the Old Adam, troglodytism, truculence, uncivilizedness, uncouthness, uncultivatedness, uncultivation, unculturedness, ungentleness, unrefinement, unspirituality, uteromania, vandalism, vehemence, venom, viciousness, violence, virility, virulence, wanton cruelty, wild animals, wildlife, wildness