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Meaning of TALMUD

Pronunciation:  'tâlmûd

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  sacred writings of Orthodox Judaism

TALMUD is a 6 letter word that starts with T.


 See Also: religious text, religious writing, sacred text, sacred writing



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Tal"mud\, n. [Chald. talm[=u]d instruction, doctrine,
fr. lamad to learn, limmad to teach.]
The body of the Jewish civil and canonical law not comprised
in the Pentateuch.

Note: The Talmud consists of two parts, the Mishna, or text,
      and the Gemara, or commentary. Sometimes, however, the
      name Talmud is restricted, especially by Jewish
      writers, to the Gemara. There are two Talmuds, the
      Palestinian, commonly, but incorrectly, called the
      Talmud of Jerusalem, and the Babylonian Talmud. They
      contain the same Mishna, but different Gemaras. The
      Babylonian Talmud is about three times as large as the
      other, and is more highly esteemed by the Jews.