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Meaning of Q

Pronunciation:  kyoo

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  the 17th letter of the Roman alphabet

Q is a 1 letter word that starts with Q.


 See Also: alphabetic character, letter, letter of the alphabet, Roman alphabet



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Q\ (k[=u]),
the seventeenth letter of the English alphabet, has but one
sound (that of k), and is always followed by u, the two
letters together being sounded like kw, except in some words
in which the u is silent. See Guide to Pronunciation, [sect]
249. Q is not found in Anglo-Saxon, cw being used instead of
qu; as in cwic, quick; cwen, queen. The name (k[=u]) is from
the French ku, which is from the Latin name of the same
letter; its form is from the Latin, which derived it, through
a Greek alphabet, from the Ph[oe]nician, the ultimate origin
being Egyptian. Etymologically, q or qu is most nearly
related to a (ch, tch), p, q, and wh; as in cud, quid, L.
equus, ecus, horse, Gr. ?, whence E. equine, hippic; L. quod
which, E. what; L. aquila, E. eaqle; E. kitchen, OE. kichene,
AS. cycene, L. coquina.

Computing Dictionary

A very high level language by Per Bothner based on lazy generalised sequences. Q has lexical scope, and some support for logic programming and constraint programming. The language includes small subsets of common lisp and scheme.

Q was a test-bed for programming language ideas. Where apl uses arrays for looping, Q uses generalised sequences which may be infinite and may be stored or calculated on demand. It has macros, primitives to run programs, and an interactive command language.

Q is implemented in c++, and comes with an interpreter, compiler framework, libraries, and documentation. It runs on linux and sun-4 and should work on any 32-bit unix.

Latest version: 1, as of 1993-06-07. Development stopped in 1994.


E-mail: Per Bothner <per@bothner.com>.

Biology Dictionary
  1. The symbol representing the long arm of a chromosome.
  2. The symbol used by hydrologists to represent flow. It may also mean the design flow for a particular project. With a subscript number, Q refers to a flow recurrence interval; Q10 is the flow that occurs, on the average, only once in 10 years (also known as the 10% frequency, or recurrence, event), Q25 is the flow which occurs only every 25 years (4% event), and Q100 occurs once in 100 years (1% event). The recurrence interval is a statistical average, not a fixed number of years. Q10, Q25, and Q100 are common design standards for flood control projects.