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Meaning of PARIS

Pronunciation:  'paris

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the capital and largest city of France; and international center of culture and commerce
  2. [n]  a town in northeast Texas
  3. [n]  sometimes placed in subfamily Trilliaceae

PARIS is a 5 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: capital of France, City of Light, French capital, genus Paris
 See Also: Champs Elysees, family Liliaceae, France, French Republic, herb Paris, Ile-St-Louis, Latin Quarter, Left Bank, Liliaceae, lily family, Lone-Star State, Louvre, Louvre Museum, Montmartre, national capital, Orly, Paris quadrifolia, Parisian, plant genus, Right Bank, Texas, town, Tuileries, Tuileries Gardens, Tuileries Palace, TX



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Par"is\, n. [From Paris, the son of Priam.] (Bot.)
    A plant common in Europe ({Paris quadrifolia}); herb Paris;
    truelove. It has been used as a narcotic.
    Note: It much resembles the American genus {Trillium}, but
          has usually four leaves and a tetramerous flower.
  2. \Par"is\, n.
    The chief city of France.
    {Paris green}. See under {Green}, n.
    {Paris white} (Chem.), purified chalk used as a pigment;
       whiting; Spanish white.
Computing Dictionary

PARallel Instruction Set.

A low-level language for the connection machine.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are in Paris, symbolizes your need for romance and passion. It also suggests that you are a person of distinction. You own personal experiences and knowledge of Paris will supercede the suggested interpretation here.