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Pronunciation:  fran'siskun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a Catholic friar wearing the gray habit of the Franciscan order
  2. [adj]  of or relating to Saint Francis of Assisi or to the order founded by him; "Franciscan monks"

FRANCISCAN is a 10 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: Gray Friar
 See Also: friar, mendicant, Roman Catholic



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Fran*cis"can\, a. [LL. Franciscus Francis: cf. F.
    franciscain.] (R. C. Ch.)
    Belonging to the Order of St. Francis of the Franciscans.
    {Franciscan Brothers}, pious laymen who devote themselves to
       useful works, such as manual labor schools, and other
       educational institutions; -- called also {Brothers of the
       Third Order of St. Francis}.
    {Franciscan Nuns}, nuns who follow the rule of t. Francis,
       esp. those of the Second Order of St. Francis, -- called
       also {Poor Clares} or {Minoresses}.
    {Franciscan Tertiaries}, the Third Order of St. Francis.
  2. \Fran*cis"can\, n. (R.C.Ch.)
    A monk or friar of the Order of St. Francis, a large and
    zealous order of mendicant monks founded in 1209 by St.
    Francis of Assisi. They are called also {Friars Minor}; and
    in England, {Gray Friars}, because they wear a gray habit.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abstainer, Albigensian, anchorite, ascetic, Augustinian, Augustinian Hermit, Austin Friar, begging hermit, Benedictine, Bernardine, bhikshu, Black Friar, Black Monk, Bonhomme, Brigittine, Capuchin, Carmelite, Carthusian, Catharist, Cistercian, Cluniac, Conventual, Crossed Friar, Crutched Friar, dervish, Dominican, fakir, flagellant, Friar Minor, Gilbertine, Gray Friar, hermit, Hospitaler, Jesuit, Loyolite, Marist, Maryknoll, mendicant, Minorite, Observant, Oratorian, preaching friar, Premonstratensian, puritan, Recollect, Recollet, Redemptorist, Sabbatarian, sannyasi, Templar, Trappist, Waldensian, White Friar, yogi, yogin