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Meaning of ATE

Pronunciation:  'eytee

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  goddess of criminal rashness and its punishment

ATE is a 3 letter word that starts with A.


 See Also: Greek deity



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Ate\ (?; 277),
    the preterit of {Eat}.
  2. \A"te\, n. [Gr. ?.] (Greek. Myth.)
    The goddess of mischievous folly; also, in later poets, the
    goddess of vengeance.
  3. \-ate\ [From the L. suffix -atus, the past participle
    ending of verbs of the 1st conj.]
    1. As an ending of participles or participial adjectives it
       is equivalent to -ed; as, situate or situated; animate or
    2. As the ending of a verb, it means to make, to cause, to
       act, etc.; as, to propitiate (to make propitious); to
       animate (to give life to).
    3. As a noun suffix, it marks the agent; as, curate,
       delegate. It also sometimes marks the office or dignity;
       as, tribunate.
    4. In chemistry it is used to denote the salts formed from
       those acids whose names end -ic (excepting binary or
       halogen acids); as, sulphate from sulphuric acid, nitrate
       from nitric acid, etc. It is also used in the case of
       certain basic salts.