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Meaning of YELLOW

Pronunciation:  'yelow

Matching Terms:  yellow adder's tongue, yellow ageratum, yellow asphodel, yellow avens, yellow bachelor's button, yellow bass, yellow bean, yellow bedstraw, yellow bells, yellow berry, yellow bile, yellow birch, yellow bird, yellow body, yellow bone marrow, yellow book, yellow book cd-rom, yellow book, jargon, yellow box, yellow bristle grass, yellow bristlegrass, yellow bugle, yellow bunting, yellow cattley guava, yellow cedar, yellow chamomile, yellow chestnut oak, yellow cleavers, yellow clintonia, yellow colicroot, yellow cypress, yellow delicious, yellow dock, yellow dwarf, yellow dwarf of potato, yellow fat cell, yellow fever, yellow fever virus, yellow flag, yellow foxglove, yellow foxtail, yellow giant hyssop, yellow globe lily, yellow goatfish, yellow granadilla, yellow green, yellow green algae, yellow gurnard, yellow hawkweed, yellow henbane, yellow honeysuckle, yellow horned poppy, yellow hornet, yellow iris, yellow ironweed, yellow jacaranda, yellow jack, yellow jacket, yellow jasmine, yellow journalism, yellow lady's slipper, yellow lady-slipper, yellow light, yellow locust, yellow loosestrife, yellow lupine, yellow man, yellow mariposa tulip, yellow marrow, yellow metal, yellow milkwort, yellow mombin, yellow mombin tree, yellow mountain saxifrage, yellow nutgrass, yellow oak, yellow ocher, yellow ochre, yellow oleander, yellow pages, yellow paper daisy, yellow parilla, yellow pea, yellow perch, yellow peril, yellow pimpernel, yellow pine, yellow pitcher plant, yellow pond lily, yellow poplar, yellow race, yellow river, yellow rocket, yellow root, yellow salsify, yellow sand verbena, yellow sea, yellow spiny daisy, yellow spot, yellow spot fungus, yellow spruce, yellow squash, yellow star-thistle, yellow sweet clover, yellow trefoil, yellow trumpet, yellow turnip, yellow twining snapdragon, yellow vetchling, yellow warbler, yellow water flag, yellow water lily, yellow watercress, yellow wire, yellow woman, yellow(a), yellowammer, yellow-bellied, yellow-bellied sapsucker, yellow-bellied terrapin, yellowbelly marmot, yellowbill, yellowbird, yellow-blindness, yellow-blue color blindness, yellow-blue dichromacy, yellow-breasted bunting, yellow-breasted chat, yellow-brown, yellow-covered, yellow-crowned night heron, yellow-dog contract, yellowed, yellow-eyed, yellow-eyed grass, yellow-eyed grass family, yellow-fever mosquito, yellowfin, yellowfin croaker, yellowfin mojarra, yellowfin tuna, yellowfish, yellow-golds, yellow-green, yellow-green algae, yellowhammer, yellowing, yellowish, yellowish brown, yellowish green, yellowish pink, yellowknife, yellow-leaf sickle pine, yellowlegs, yellowness, yellowroot, yellows, yellowseed, yellow-shafted flicker, yellowshanks, yellowstone, yellowstone national park, yellowstone river, yellowtail, yellowtail flounder, yellowtail snapper, yellowthroat, yellow-throated marten, yellowtop, yellowwood, yellowwood tree, yellowwort

Computing Dictionary

A language from sri proposed to meet the ironman requirements which led to ada.

["On the YELLOW Language Submitted to the DoD", E.W. Dijkstra, SIGPLAN Notices 13(10):22-26, Oct 1978].