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Meaning of VIRTUAL

Pronunciation:  'vurchooul

Matching Terms:  virtual 86 mode, virtual address, virtual cache, virtual circuit, virtual circuit identifier, virtual colonoscopy, virtual connection, virtual control program interface, virtual device driver, virtual device location, virtual disk, virtual home environment, virtual host, virtual image, virtual lan, virtual loadable module, virtual local area network, virtual machine, virtual machine environment, virtual machine/conversational monitor system, virtual machine/esa, virtual machine/system product, virtual machine/xa, virtual memory, virtual memory system, virtual path, virtual point of presence, virtual pop, virtual private network, virtual reality, virtual reality modeling language, virtual sequential access method, virtual shredder, virtual software factory, virtual storage, virtual storage access method, virtual storage extended, virtual telecommunications access method, virtual(a), virtuality, virtually, virtuate

Computing Dictionary

(Via the technical term virtual memory, probably from the term "virtual image" in optics) 1. Common alternative to logical; often used to refer to the artificial objects (like addressable virtual memory larger than physical memory) created by a computer system to help the system control access to shared resources.

2. Simulated; performing the functions of something that isn't really there. An imaginative child's doll may be a virtual playmate.

Opposite of real or physical.

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