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Meaning of THEORY

Pronunciation:  'theeuree

Matching Terms:  theorbist, theorbo, theorem, theorematic, theorematist, theoremic, theoretic, theoretical, theoretical account, theoretically, theoretician, theoretics, theoric, theorica, theorical, theorically, theorisation, theorise, theoriser, theorist, theorization, theorize, theorizer, theory change, theory of acquired characteristics, theory of dissociation, theory of electrolytic dissociation, theory of evolution, theory of games, theory of gravitation, theory of gravity, theory of indicators, theory of inheritance, theory of organic evolution, theory of preformation, theory of relativity, theory-based

Computing Dictionary

The consensus, idea, plan, story, or set of rules that is currently being used to inform a behaviour. This usage is a generalisation and (deliberate) abuse of the technical meaning. "What's the theory on fixing this TECO loss?" "What's the theory on dinner tonight?" ("Chinatown, I guess.") "What's the current theory on letting lusers on during the day?" "The theory behind this change is to fix the following well-known screw...."