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Meaning of TERMINAL

Pronunciation:  'turmunl

Matching Terms:  terminable, terminable interest, terminak, terminal access controller, terminal adapter, terminal adaptor, terminal brain death, terminal care, terminal disease, terminal emulation, terminal emulator, terminal illness, terminal junkie, terminal leave, terminal node, terminal oriented social science, terminal point, terminal productivity executive, terminal server, terminal transferase, terminal velocity, terminalia, terminally, terminant, terminate, terminate and stay resident, terminated, termination, termination analysis, termination codon, termination factor, termination region, terminational, terminative, terminator, terminator region, terminatory

Computing Dictionary

1. An electronic or electromechanical device for entering data into a computer or a communications system and displaying data received. Early terminals were called teletypes, later ones vdus. Typically a terminal communicates with the computer via a serial line.

2. The end of a line where signals are either transmitted or received, or a point along the length of a line where the signals are made available to apparatus.

3. Apparatus to send and/or receive signals on a line.