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Meaning of TEMPO

Pronunciation:  'tempow

Matching Terms:  temp, tempean, temper, temper screw, tempera, temperable, temperament, temperamental, temperamentally, temperance, temperancy, temperate, temperate phage, temperate virus, temperate zone, temperately, temperateness, temperative, temperature, temperature change, temperature gradient, temperature reduction, temperature scale, temperature unit, tempered, temperer, tempering, tempest, tempestive, tempestivily, tempest-swept, tempest-tossed, tempest-tost, tempestuous, tempestuousness, templar, template, template code, template rna, template strand, temple, temple of apollo, temple orange, temple orange tree, temple tree, temple, herod's, temple, solomon's, temple, the second, templed, templet, templetonia, templetonia retusa, templog, temporal, temporal arrangement, temporal arteries, temporal arteritis, temporal artery, temporal bone, temporal canthus, temporal database, temporal isolation, temporal lobe, temporal lobe epilepsy, temporal lobes, temporal logic, temporal muscle, temporal order, temporal property, temporal relation, temporal role, temporal vein, temporalis, temporalis muscle, temporality, temporally, temporalness, temporalty, temporaneous, temporarily, temporariness, temporary, temporary expedient, temporary hookup, temporary injunction, temporary relief, temporary removal, temporary restraining order, temporary safe reference action level, temporary state, temporary worker, temporise, temporiser, temporist, temporization, temporize, temporizer, temporizingly, temporo-, temporo-auricular, temporofacial, temporomalar, temporomandibular joint, temporomaxillary, temporonuchal crest, temposil, tempra, temps, tempse, tempt, temptability, temptable, temptation, temptationless, temptatious, tempter, tempting, temptingly, temptingness, temptress, tempura

Computing Dictionary
  1. A programming language with simple syntax and semantics designed for teaching semantic and pragmatic aspects of programming languages.

    ["TEMPO: A Unified Treatment of Binding Time and Parameter Passing Concepts in Programming Languages", N.D. Jones et al, LNCS 66, Springer 1978].

  2. The original code name for mac os version 8.