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Meaning of SPACE

Pronunciation:  speyc

Matching Terms:  space age, space bar, space biology, space cadet, space capsule, space complexity, space heater, space helmet, space laboratory, space lattice, space leak, space medicine, space platform, space probe, space program, space rocket, space shuttle, space station, space travel, space vehicle, space walk, space writer, space-cadet keyboard, spacecraft, spacecraft clock time, spacecraft event time, spaced, spaced-out, spacefaring, spaceflight, spaceful, spacelate, spaceless, spaceman, spacer dna, space-reflection symmetry, spaceship, spacesuit, space-time, space-time continuum, spacewalker, spacewar, spaceward, spacewards, spacey, spacial, spacially, spacing, spaciotemporal, spacious, spaciously, spaciousness, spackle, spackling compound, spacy

Computing Dictionary

The space character, ascii 32.

See octal forty.