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Meaning of QUERY

Pronunciation:  'kweree

Matching Terms:  quercitannic, quercite, quercitin, quercitrin, quercitron, quercitron oak, quercus, quercus agrifolia, quercus alba, quercus arizonica, quercus bicolor, quercus borealis, quercus cerris, quercus chrysolepis, quercus coccinea, quercus ellipsoidalis, quercus falcata, quercus garryana, quercus grosseserrata, quercus ilex, quercus ilicifolia, quercus imbricaria, quercus incana, quercus kelloggii, quercus laevis, quercus laurifolia, quercus lobata, quercus lyrata, quercus macrocarpa, quercus marilandica, quercus michauxii, quercus mongolica, quercus montana, quercus muehlenbergii, quercus myrtifolia, quercus nigra, quercus nuttalli, quercus palustris, quercus petraea, quercus phellos, quercus prinoides, quercus prinus, quercus robur, quercus rubra, quercus sessiliflora, quercus shumardii, quercus stellata, quercus suber, quercus texana, quercus vaccinifolia, quercus variabilis, quercus velutina, quercus virginiana, quercus wislizenii, quercus wizlizenii, querele, querent, querier, querimony, querist, querken, querl, quermonious, quern, querpo, querquedule, querry, querulential, querulous, querulously, querulousness, quervain's thyroiditis, query by example, query expansion, query language

Computing Dictionary

1. A user's (or agent's) request for information, generally as a formal request to a database or search engine.

sql is the most common database query language.

2. question mark.