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Meaning of PROSE

Pronunciation:  prowz

Matching Terms:  prosaic, prosaically, prosaicism, prosaicness, prosaism, prosaist, prosal, prosauropoda, proscenium, proscenium arch, proscenium wall, prosciuto, proscolex, proscribe, proscribed, proscriber, proscript, proscription, proscriptional, proscriptionist, proscriptive, prosdist, prose poem, prosector, prosecutable, prosecute, prosecuting attorney, prosecuting officer, prosecution, prosecutor, prosecutrix, proselyte, proselytise, proselytism, proselytize, proselytizer, proseman, proseminary, prosemination, prosencephalic, prosencephalon, prosenchyma, proser, proserpina, proserpine, proset, prosiliency, prosily, prosimetrical, prosimiae, prosimian, prosimians, prosimii, prosiness, prosing, prosingly, prosiphon, prosit, proslavery, prosobranch, prosobranchiata, prosocoele, prosocoelia, prosodiacal, prosodiacally, prosodial, prosodian, prosodic, prosodic system, prosodical, prosodion, prosody, prosom, prosoma, prosopalgia, prosopis, prosopis glandulosa, prosopis juliflora, prosopis juliiflora, prosopis pubescens, prosopium, prosopium cylindraceum, prosopium williamsonii, prosopocephala, prosopolepsy, prosopopoeia, prosopulmonata, prospect, prospection, prospective, prospective(a), prospectively, prospectiveness, prospectless, prospector, prospectus, prosper, prosper meniere, prospering, prosperity, prospero, prosperous, prosperously, prosphysis, prospicience, prost 30 monoclonal antibody, prostaglandin, prostaglandins, prostaglandins in the semen, prostatalgia, prostate, prostate acid phosphatase, prostate cancer, prostate gland, prostate specific antigen, prostate specific antigen blood test, prostatectomy, prostate-specific antigen, prostatic, prostatic acid phosphatase, prostatic adenocarcinoma, prostatic hypertrophy, prostatism, prostatitis, prosternation, prosternum, prosthecae, prostheon, prosthesis, prosthetic, prosthetic device, prosthetic group, prosthetics, prosthetist, prosthion, prosthodontia, prosthodontic, prosthodontics, prosthodontist, prostibulous, prostigmin, prostitute, prostitution, prostitutor, prostomium, prostrate, prostration, prostyle, prosy, prosylogism

Computing Dictionary

1. PROblem Solution Engineering. Numerical problems including differentiation and integration. "Computing in Calculus", J. Thames, Research/Development 26(5) (May 1975).

2. A constraints-and-sequencing system similar to Kaleidoscope. "Reflexive Constraints for Dynamic Knowledge Bases", P. Berlandier et al in Proc First Intl CS Conf '88: AI: Theory and Appls, Dec 1988.