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Meaning of PRINT

Pronunciation:  print

Matching Terms:  prince, prince albert, prince albert yew, prince albert's yew, prince charles, prince charming, prince consort, prince edward, prince edward island, prince eugene of savoy, prince fumimaro konoe, prince fumimaro konoye, prince of darkness, prince of smolensk, prince of wales, prince of wales heath, prince otto eduard leopold von bismarck, prince otto von bismarck, prince peter kropotkin, prince philip, prince rupert, princedom, princehood, princekin, princeless, princelet, princelike, princeliness, princeling, princely, prince-of-wales feather, prince-of-wales fern, prince-of-wales plume, prince-of-wales'-heath, prince's pine, prince's-feather, prince's-plume, princess, princess diana, princess feather, princess grace of monaco, princess of wales, princess pine, princess royal, princesse, princesslike, princeton, princeton university, princewood, princified, principal, principal axis, principal diagonal, principal investigator, principal sum, principal type, principal(a), principality, principality of andorra, principality of liechtenstein, principality of monaco, principally, principalness, principalship, principate, principe, principen, principia, principial, principiant, principiate, principiation, principle, principle of equivalence, principle of liquid displacement, principle of parsimony, principle of relativity, principle of superposition, principled, princock, prinia, prinivil, prink, prinker, prinomastat, prinpriddle, print buffer, print i, print media, print over, print seller, print server, print services facility, print shop, printable, printa-ble, printed, printed circuit, printed circuit board, printed symbol, printer, printer access protocol, printer cable, printer port, printer's devil, printer's ink, printery, printf, printing, printing business, printing company, printing concern, printing discussion, printing in, printing ink, printing machine, printing operation, printing out, printing press, printing process, printing unit, printless, printmaker, printmaking, printout, printshop

Computing Dictionary

PRe-edited INTerpreter.

An early mathematics language for the ibm 705.

[Sammet 1969, p. 134].