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Meaning of PLASMA

Pronunciation:  'plazmu

Matching Terms:  plasm, plasma cell, plasma cells, plasma membrane, plasma physics, plasma protein, plasma proteins, plasma thromboplastin antecedent, plasmablast, plasmacyte, plasmacytoma, plasmagene, plasmalogen, plasmapheresis, plasmatic, plasmation, plasmator, plasmature, plasmic, plasmid, plasmin, plasminogen, plasminogen activator, plasmodial, plasmodial slime mold, plasmodiidae, plasmodiophora, plasmodiophora brassicae, plasmodiophoraceae, plasmodium, plasmodium vivax, plasmogen, plasmon, plasmon butter

Computing Dictionary

PLAnner-like System Modelled on Actors. carl hewitt, 1975. The first actor language. Originally called Planner-73, and implemented in MacLisp. Lisp-like syntax, but with several kinds of parentheses and brackets.

["A PLASMA Primer", B. Smith et al, AI Lab Working Paper 92, MIT Oct 1975].

["Viewing Control Structures as Patterns of Passing Messages", C. Hewitt, AI Lab Memo 410, MIT 1976].

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: antibody, antigen, arterial blood, blood, blood bank, blood cell, blood count, blood donor, blood donor center, blood group, blood grouping, blood picture, blood platelet, blood pressure, blood serum, blood substitute, bloodmobile, bloodstream, circulation, clinical dextran, dextran, erythrocyte, globulin, gore, grume, hematics, hematologist, hematology, hematoscope, hematoscopy, hemocyte, hemoglobin, hemometer, humor, ichor, isoantibody, leukocyte, lifeblood, neutrophil, opsonin, phagocyte, plasma substitute, red corpuscle, Rh factor, Rhesus factor, Rh-negative, Rh-positive, Rh-type, serum, type O, venous blood, white corpuscle