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Meaning of PISTOL

Pronunciation:  'pistl

Matching Terms:  pistol grip, pistol shrimp, pistolade, pistole, pistoleer, pistolet, pistol-whip, piston, piston chamber, piston corer, piston ring, piston rod

Computing Dictionary

[IBM] A tool that makes it all too easy for you to shoot yourself in the foot. "Unix "rm *" makes such a nice pistol!"

[jargon file]

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: automatic, blow to pieces, blow up, blowgun, blowpipe, brain, bring down, burn to death, charge, cock, cut down, cut to pieces, deal a deathblow, detonate, discharge, disintegrate, drop, eject, fell, fire, fire off, firearm, flamethrower, frag, gat, give the quietus, gun, gun down, gun for, handgun, heater, hit, incinerate, jugulate, lapidate, lay low, let fly, let off, load, musket, peashooter, pelt, pepper, pick off, piece, plug, poleax, pot, potshoot, potshot, prime, repeater, revolver, riddle, rifle, rod, sawed-off shotgun, shoot, shoot at, shoot down, shoot to death, shooting iron, shotgun, silence, six-gun, six-shooter, snipe, stab to death, stone, stone to death, strike, strike dead, take a potshot, torpedo, vaporize