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Meaning of METEOR

Pronunciation:  'meeteeur

Matching Terms:  meteor shower, meteor stream, meteor swarm, meteoric, meteorical, meteorism, meteorite, meteoritic, meteoritical, meteorize, meteorograph, meteorographic, meteorography, meteoroid, meteoroidal, meteoroligic, meteorolite, meteorologic, meteorological, meteorological balloon, meteorological conditions, meteorological observation post, meteorological satellite, meteorologically, meteorologist, meteorology, meteoromancy, meteorometer, meteoroscope, meteorous, meteortropism

Computing Dictionary

A version of COMIT with Lisp-like syntax, written in MIT Lisp 1.5 for the IBM 7090. "METEOR - A List Interpreter for String Transformation", D.G. Bobrow in The Programming Language LISP and its Interpretation, E.D. and D.G. Bobrow eds, 1964.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aerolite, asteroids, aurora particles, blackout, bolide, chondrite, cosmic dust, cosmic particles, cosmic ray bombardment, fireball, intergalactic matter, meteor crater, meteor dust, meteor dust impacts, meteor shower, meteor swarm, meteor trail, meteor train, meteoric shower, meteorite, meteoroid, meteorolite, meteors, micrometeorite, micrometeoroid, radiant, radiant point, radiation, shooting star, siderite, siderolite, space bullets, tektite, the bends, weightlessness