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Meaning of MATRIX

Pronunciation:  'matrixh

Matching Terms:  matri, matriarch, matriarchal, matriarchate, matriarchic, matriarchy, matric, matricaria, matricaria chamomilla, matricaria inodorum, matricaria matricarioides, matricaria oreades, matricaria recutita, matricaria tchihatchewii, matrice, matricentric, matricidal, matricide, matriclan, matriculate, matriculation, matrifocal, matrifocal family household, matrikin, matrilineage, matrilineal, matrilineal descent, matrilineal descent group, matrilineal kin, matrilineal sib, matrilineally, matrilinear, matrilocal residence, matrimoine, matrimonial, matrimonial law, matrimonially, matrimonious, matrimony, matrimony vine, matrisib, matrix addition, matrix algebra, matrix compiler, matrix inversion, matrix math, matrix math extensions, matrix metalloproteinase, matrix multiplication, matrix operation, matrix printer, matrix transposition

Computing Dictionary

[FidoNet] 1. What the Opus BBS software and sysops call fidonet.

2. Fanciful term for a cyberspace expected to emerge from current networking experiments (see network, the).

3. The totality of present-day computer networks.

[jargon file]

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aesthetic form, archetype, art form, build, cast, chimney, chute, configuration, conformation, country rock, cut, deposit, die, dike, fashion, figuration, figure, form, format, formation, frame, gangue, genre, impression, inner form, intaglio, last, layout, lode, lodestuff, make, makeup, mineral deposit, mint, modality, mode, model, mold, negative, ore bed, pattern, pay dirt, Platonic form, Platonic idea, prototype, punch, seal, set, shape, shoe last, shoot, significant form, stamp, stock, structure, style, template, turn, type, uterus, vein, venter, womb