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Meaning of LATEX

Pronunciation:  'leyteks

Matching Terms:  late, late blight, late greek, late latin, late purple aster, late(a), latecomer, lated, lateen, lateen sail, lateen-rig, lateen-rigged, lately, latence, latency, latency period, latency phase, latency stage, lateness, late-night hour, latent, latent content, latent diabetes, latent heat, latent hostility, latent period, latent schizophrenia, latent virus, latently, later, later on, later(a), laterad, lateral, lateral cerebral sulcus, lateral condyle, lateral epicondyle, lateral epicondylitis, lateral geniculate body, lateral humeral epicondylitis, lateral line, lateral line organ, lateral malleolus, lateral pass, lateral rectus, lateral rectus muscle, lateral thinking, lateral ventricle, lateralisation, laterality, lateralization, lateralize, laterally, lateran, latered, laterifolious, laterite, lateritic, lateritious, lates, latescence, latescent, latest, latewake, lateward, latex paint

Computing Dictionary

(Lamport TeX) Leslie Lamport <lamport@pa.dec.com>'s document preparation system built on top of tex. LaTeX was developed at sri international's Computer Science Laboratory and was built to resemble scribe.

LaTeX adds commands to simplify typesetting and lets the user concentrate on the structure of the text rather than on formatting commands.

bibtex is a LaTeX package for bibliographic citations.

Lamport's LaTeX book has an exemplary index listing every symbol, concept and example in the book. The index in the, now obsolete, first edition includes (on page 221) the mysterious entry "Gilkerson, Ellen, 221". The second edition (1994) has an entry for "infinite loop" instead.

["LaTeX, A Document Preparation System", Leslie Lamport, A-W 1986, ISBN 0-201-15790-X (first edition, now obsolete)].