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Meaning of ETHICS

Pronunciation:  'ethiks

Matching Terms:  ethic, ethical, ethical code, ethical drug, ethical motive, ethically, ethician, ethicist, ethics committee, ethics panel

Computing Dictionary

computer ethics

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aesthetics, allegiance, assigned task, axiology, bounden duty, burden, business, call of duty, casuistry, charge, commitment, cosmology, dedication, deference, devoir, devotion, duties and responsibilities, duty, epistemology, fealty, first philosophy, gnosiology, homage, imperative, line of duty, logic, loyalty, mental philosophy, metaphysics, mission, moral philosophy, must, obligation, ontology, onus, ought, phenomenology, philosophastry, philosophic doctrine, philosophic system, philosophic theory, philosophical inquiry, philosophical speculation, philosophy, place, respect, school of philosophy, school of thought, science of being, self-imposed duty, sophistry, theory of beauty, theory of knowledge, value theory