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Meaning of ENIGMA

Pronunciation:  u'nigmu

Matching Terms:  enigma canon, enigmatic, enigmatic canon, enigmatical, enigmatical canon, enigmatically, enigmatist, enigmatize, enigmatography

Computing Dictionary

The electro-mechanical cipher engine used by the Germans in World War II. Many of their messages were deciphered at bletchley park, by alan turing and others.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: arcanum, baffle, bafflement, baffling problem, bewilderment, bother, brain twister, cabala, Chinese puzzle, classified information, confidence, confidential communication, confoundment, confusion, conundrum, crossword puzzle, crux, dark horse, dilemma, discomposure, disconcert, disconcertedness, disconcertion, disconcertment, disturbance, embarrassment, enigmatic question, esoterica, fix, floorer, frontier, frontiers of knowledge, Gordian knot, guarded secret, hermetics, jam, jigsaw puzzle, knot, knotty point, matter of ignorance, mind-boggler, mystery, mystery of mysteries, mystification, n, node, nodus, nonplus, nut to crack, oxymoron, paradox, perplexed question, perplexity, personal matter, perturbation, pickle, plight, pons asinorum, poser, pother, predicament, private matter, privileged communication, privity, problem, profound secret, puzzle, puzzlement, puzzler, quandary, question, question mark, restricted information, riddle, scrape, sealed book, secret, sixty-four dollar question, stew, sticker, stumper, teaser, terra incognita, the incalculable, the occult, the strange, the unfamiliar, the unknowable, the unknown, tough proposition, unassuredness, unexplored ground, unexplored territory, unknown quantity, upset, vexed question, why, x, z