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Meaning of B

Pronunciation:  bee, bee

Computing Dictionary
  1. 1. byte.

    2. A systems language written by ken thompson in 1970 mostly for his own use under unix on the pdp-11. B was later improved by Kerninghan(?) and Ritchie to produce c. B was used as the systems language on honeywell's gcos-3.

    B was, according to Ken, greatly influenced by bcpl, but the name B had nothing to do with BCPL. B was in fact a revision of an earlier language, bon, named after Ken Thompson's wife, Bonnie.

    ["The Programming Language B", S.C. Johnson & B.W. Kernighan, CS TR 8, Bell Labs (Jan 1973)].

    3. A simple interactive programming language by Lambert Meertens and Steven Pemberton. B was the predecessor of abc.

    ["Draft Proposal for the B Language", Lambert Meertens, CWI, Amsterdam, 1981].

    4. A specification language by Jean-Raymond Abrial of b core uk, Magdalen Centre, Oxford Science Park, Oxford OX4 4GA. B is related to z and supports development of c code from specifications. B has been used in major safety-critical system specifications in Europe, and is currently attracting increasing interest in industry. It has robust, commercially available tool support for specification, design, proof and code generation.

    E-mail: <Ib.Sorensen@comlab.ox.ac.uk>.

  2. bit or maybe byte (B).