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Meaning of PILOT

Pronunciation:  'pIlut

Matching Terms:  pilocarpine, pilomotor reflex, pilon, pilonce, piloncillo, pilose, pilosebaceous, pilosella, pilosella aurantiaca, pilosella officinarum, pilosity, pilot balloon, pilot biscuit, pilot bit, pilot blacksnake, pilot boat, pilot bread, pilot burner, pilot chart, pilot cloth, pilot engine, pilot error, pilot european image processing archive, pilot experiment, pilot film, pilot flag, pilot ladder, pilot lamp, pilot light, pilot program, pilot project, pilot study, pilot valve, pilot whale, pilot wheel, pilot(a), pilotage, pilotfish, pilothouse, piloting, pilotism, pilotless, pilotless aircraft, pilour, pilous

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are a pilot indicates that you are in complete control of your destination in life. You are confident and self-assured in your decisions and accomplishments.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aegis, aerialist, aeronaut, aeroplaner, aeroplanist, agent, air pilot, airman, airplanist, arm guard, astronaut, auto, automatic pilot, aviator, backstop, barnstorm, barnstormer, be responsible for, bellwether, birdman, boatheader, boatsteerer, buffer, bulwark, bumper, captain, carry on, carry out, carry through, charioteer, chart a course, cicerone, cloud seeder, commercial pilot, cond, conduct, conductor, conn, conner, contraceptive, control, copilot, copyright, courier, cowherd, cox, coxswain, crash helmet, crop-duster, cushion, cut-and-try, dashboard, deal with, dean, direct, docking pilot, dodger, doyen, dragoman, drive, driver, drover, empirical, engineer, escort, experimental, face mask, fender, finger guard, flier, fly, foot guard, functionary, fuse, goatherd, goggles, governor, guard, guardrail, guide, guidepost, guider, Gyropilot, hand guard, handle, handler, handrail, hard hat, have the conn, helm, helmet, helmsman, herd, herdsman, heuristic, hit-or-miss, hold the reins, instructor, insulation, interlock, jet jockey, knee guard, knuckle guard, laminated glass, lead, leader, licensed pilot, life preserver, lifeline, lightning conductor, lightning rod, make go, manage, maneuver, manipulate, manipulator, mask, mercury, motor, mudguard, navigate, navigator, nose guard, operant, operate, operative, operator, pad, padding, palladium, patent, peel off, perform on, play, pointer, practice, preventive, probationary, probative, probatory, prophylactic, protective clothing, protective umbrella, proving, provisional, rainmaker, river pilot, route, run, runner, safeguard, safety, safety glass, safety plug, safety rail, safety shoes, safety switch, safety valve, sailing master, screen, seat belt, see, see to, shape a course, shepherd, shield, shin guard, show, solo, steer, steerer, steersman, stunt flier, stunt man, sun helmet, take care of, take the helm, tentative, test, test pilot, testing, tool, tour director, tour guide, trial, trial-and-error, trying, umbrella, verificatory, wheel, wheelman, windscreen, windshield, wingman, work