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Meaning of GLOBE

Pronunciation:  glowb

Matching Terms:  glob, global, global aphasia, global ecology, global index, global network navigator, global positioning system, global stability, global system for mobile communications, globalisation, globalise, globalization, globalize, globally, globard, globate, globe amaranth, globe artichoke, globe flower, globe lily, globe mallow, globe pepper, globe thistle, globefish, globeflower, globe-shaped, globe-trot, globetrotter, globicephala, globicephala melaena, globiferous, globigerina, globigerinidae, globin, globin gene, globose, globosely, globoside, globosity, globotriaosylceramide, globous, globular, globular actin, globular pearlite, globular proteins, globularity, globularly, globularness, globule, globulet, globuliferous, globulimeter, globulin, globulite, globulous, globus, globus pallidus, globy

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a globe in your dream, indicates that you are in complete control of your life. Seeing a spinning globe in your dream means that your life is going out of control.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aeronautical chart, astronomical chart, atlas, azimuthal equidistant projection, azimuthal projection, ball, balloon, bead, biosphere, bladder, blob, boll, bolus, bubble, bulb, bulbil, bulblet, cartographer, cartography, celestial chart, celestial globe, chart, chorographer, chorography, climatic chart, conglobulate, conic projection, contour line, contour map, cylindrical projection, Earth, ellipsoid, Gaea, Ge, general reference map, geography, geoid, geosphere, globelet, globoid, globule, glomerulus, gnomonic projection, gob, gobbet, graphic scale, grid line, hachure, heliographic chart, hydrographic chart, index, isoline, knob, knot, Lambert conformal projection, lamp shade, latitude, layer tint, legend, longitude, map, map maker, map projection, mapper, Mercator projection, meridian, Miller projection, moonshade, mother earth, mushroom, oblate spheroid, orb, orbit, orblet, parallel, pellet, photogrammetrist, photogrammetry, photomap, phototopography, physical map, planet, political map, polyconic projection, projection, prolate spheroid, relief map, representative fraction, road map, rondure, round, scale, sinusoidal projection, snowball, special map, sphere, spherify, spheroid, spherule, Tellus, Terra, terrain map, terrestrial globe, the blue planet, thematic map, this pendent world, topographer, topographic chart, topography, transportation map, vale, vale of tears, weather chart, weather map, whole wide world, world