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Pronunciation:  em'ploymunt

Matching Terms:  employment agency, employment agent, employment agreement, employment contract, employment interview, employment office

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of losing your employment indicates that you will have no fear of losing your job for you are a much desired help. Dreaming that you are giving employment to others means loss for yourself.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: act, acting, action, active use, activism, activities, activity, affair, affairs, appliance, application, appointment, assignment, attendance, bag, behavior, berth, bespeaking, billet, booking, briefing, business, calling, commerce, concern, concernment, consumption, craft, dirty work, disposition, doing, donkeywork, drudgery, employ, engagement, engaging, enlistment, enrollment, enterprise, exercise, exercising, exertion, exploitation, fag, fatigue, function, functioning, gig, good use, grind, handiwork, handling, handwork, hard usage, hard use, hire, hiring, ill use, implementation, incumbency, industry, interest, job, labor, lick, lick of work, line, livelihood, lookout, management, manipulation, manual labor, matter, metier, ministration, ministry, mission, misuse, moil, moonlighting, movements, occupation, office, opening, operation, operations, peonage, place, play, position, post, practice, praxis, preengagement, profession, purpose, pursuit, racket, rat race, recruitment, reservation, retaining, retainment, rough usage, scut work, second job, serfdom, service, servitium, servitorship, servitude, situation, skill, slavery, spadework, station, stroke, stroke of work, sweat, swing, taking on, task, tendance, tenure, thing, tiresome work, toil, trade, travail, treadmill, undertaking, usage, use, using, using up, utilization, vacancy, vocation, work, working, workings, wrong use