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Meaning of TABLE D'HOTE

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a menu offering a complete meal with limited choices at a fixed price
  2. [adj]  (of a restaurant meal) complete but with limited choices and at a fixed price
 Synonyms: prix fixe
 Antonyms: a la carte
 See Also: bill of fare, card, carte, carte du jour, menu



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Ta"ble d'h[^o]te"\
    Now, commonly, a meal, usually of several courses, in a
    restaurant, hotel, or the like, for which one pays a fixed
    price irrespective of what one orders; -- often used
    adjectively; as, a table-d'h[^o]te meal.
  2. \Ta"ble d'h[^o]te"\ (t[.a]"bl' d[=o]t`); pl.
    {Tables d'h[^o]te}. [F., literally, table of the landlord.]
    A common table for guests at a hotel; an ordinary.