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Meaning of SHAREWARE

Pronunciation:  sh'erw`er

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  software that has been copyrighted but is sold to users with permission to copy it and give it to others

SHAREWARE is a 9 letter word that starts with S.


 See Also: package, software, software package, software system



Computing Dictionary

/sheir'weir/ software that, like freeware, can be usually obtained (downloaded) and redistributed for free, but most often is under copyright and does legally require a payment in the eula, at least beyond the evaluation period or for commercial applications. This payment, as well as fulfilling the user's legal obligations, may buy additional support, documentation, or functionality. Generally, source code for shareware programs is not available. Shareware is sometimes also nagware and/or crippleware, which muddles the term and is frowned upon in the community.

See also careware, charityware, guiltware, postcardware, and -ware; compare payware.

the history of shareware.

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