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Meaning of NITROGEN

Pronunciation:  'nItrujun

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a common nonmetallic element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless inert diatomic gas; constitutes 78 percent of the atmosphere by volume; a constituent of all living tissues

NITROGEN is a 8 letter word that starts with N.


 Synonyms: atomic number 7, N
 See Also: air, azote, chemical element, element, gas, liquid nitrogen



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ni`tro*gen\, n. [L. nitrum natron + -gen: cf. F.
nitrog[`e]ne. See {Niter}.] (Chem.)
A colorless nonmetallic element, tasteless and odorless,
comprising four fifths of the atmosphere by volume. It is
chemically very inert in the free state, and as such is
incapable of supporting life (hence the name {azote} still
used by French chemists); but it forms many important
compounds, as ammonia, nitric acid, the cyanides, etc, and is
a constituent of all organized living tissues, animal or
vegetable. Symbol N. Atomic weight 14. It was formerly
regarded as a permanent noncondensible gas, but was liquefied
in 1877 by Cailletet of Paris, and Pictet of Geneva.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acetylene, ammonia, argon, asphyxiating gas, butane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, castor-bean meal, chlorine, coal gas, commercial fertilizer, compost, dressing, dung, enrichener, ethane, ether, ethylene, fertilizer, fluorine, formaldehyde, guano, helium, hydrogen, illuminating gas, krypton, lewisite, manure, marsh gas, methane, muck, mustard gas, natural gas, neon, night soil, nitrate, organic fertilizer, oxygen, ozone, phosphate, poison gas, propane, radon, sewer gas, superphosphate, xenon