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Meaning of FALLOW DEER

Pronunciation:  'falow deer

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  small Eurasian deer
 Synonyms: Dama dama
 See Also: cervid, Dama, deer, genus Dama



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Fal"low deer`\ [So called from its fallow or pale
yellow color.] (Zo["o]l.)
A European species of deer ({Cervus dama}), much smaller than
the red deer. In summer both sexes are spotted with white. It
is common in England, where it is often domesticated in the

Easton Bible Dictionary

Deut. 14:5 (R.V., "Wild goat"); 1 Kings 4:23 (R.V., "roebucks"). This animal, called in Hebrew _yahmur_, from a word meaning "to be red," is regarded by some as the common fallow-deer, the Cervus dama, which is said to be found very generally over Western and Southern Asia. It is called "fallow" from its pale-red or yellow colour. Some interpreters, however, regard the name as designating the bubale, Antelope bubale, the "wild cow" of North Africa, which is about the size of a stag, like the hartebeest of South Africa. A species of deer has been found at Mount Carmel which is called _yahmur_ by the Arabs. It is said to be similar to the European roebuck.