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Meaning of DRYNESS

Pronunciation:  dr'Inus

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  the condition of not containing or being covered by a liquid (especially water)

DRYNESS is a 7 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: waterlessness, xerotes
 Antonyms: wetness
 See Also: aridity, aridness, condition, conjunctivitis arida, dehydration, desiccation, drought, dry mouth, sereness, status, xeroderma, xerodermia, xeroma, xerophthalmia, xerophthalmus, xerostomia



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Dry"ness\, n.
The state of being dry. See {Dry}.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acerbity, acescency, acidity, acidulousness, appetite, aridity, aridness, barrenness, birth control, bloodlessness, cacophony, canine appetite, characterlessness, coarseness, colorlessness, contraception, cracked voice, deadness, dearth, dearth of ideas, discord, dismalness, dragginess, dreariness, drought, dry womb, dullness, dustiness, effeteness, emptiness, empty stomach, etiolation, family planning, famine, flatness, greenness, gruffness, gutturalism, gutturality, gutturalness, harshness, heaviness, hoarseness, hollow hunger, hollowness, hunger, hungriness, huskiness, hyperacidity, impotence, inanity, ineffectualness, inexcitability, infecundity, infertility, insipidity, insipidness, jejunity, leadenness, lifelessness, lowness of spirit, paleness, pallor, planned parenthood, pointlessness, pokiness, polydipsia, ponderousness, prosaicism, prosaicness, prosaism, prosiness, pungency, raspiness, raucity, relish, roughness, rudeness, scrapiness, scratchiness, slowness, solemnity, sour, sourishness, sourness, spiritlessness, staidness, sterileness, sterility, stertorousness, stiffness, stodginess, stolidity, stomach, stuffiness, subacidity, superficiality, sweet tooth, tapeworm, tartishness, tartness, taste, tastelessness, tediousness, thickness, thirst, thirstiness, throatiness, torment of Tantalus, ugliness, uncreativeness, unfancifulness, unfertileness, unfruitfulness, unimaginativeness, uninterestingness, unliveliness, unoriginality, unpoeticalness, unproductiveness, unripeness, unsweetness, vapidity, vapidness, verjuice, vinegariness, vinegarishness, withered loins, woodenness