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Meaning of BREAK LOOSE

Pronunciation:  breyk loos

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  be unleashed; burst forth with violence or noise, as of an emotion or an expression of emotion; "His anger exploded"
  2. [v]  run away from confinement; "The convicted murderer escaped from a high security prison"
 Synonyms: burst forth, escape, explode, get away
 See Also: bilk, break, break away, break out, change state, elude, escape from, evade, flee, fly, run away, shake, shake off, slip, take flight, throw off, turn



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: bail out, break away, break jail, break out, clear, cut loose, disembarrass, disembroil, disengage, disentangle, disinvolve, dislodge, escape, escape prison, evade, extricate, flee, fly the coop, free, get away, get clear of, get free, get out, get out of, jump, make a getaway, release, skip, slip the collar, tear loose, unknot, unravel, unsnarl, untangle