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Meaning of BLOW OVER

Pronunciation:  blow'owvur

WordNet Dictionary
[v]  disappear gradually; as of emotions, for example; "The pain eventually passed off"
 Synonyms: evanesce, fade, fleet, pass, pass off
 See Also: disappear, go away, vanish



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: be all over, be no more, become extinct, become void, blast, blow, blow a hurricane, blow down, blow great guns, blow up, bluster, bowl down, bowl over, breeze, breeze up, brew, bring down, bulldog, cast down, chop down, come up, cut down, dash down, deck, die, die away, down, drop, expire, fell, fetch down, floor, freshen, gather, go out, ground, have it, have its time, hew down, huff, knock down, lapse, lay level, lay low, lay out, level, mow down, pass, pass away, pipe up, precipitate, prostrate, puff, pull down, rage, rase, raze, run its course, run out, send headlong, set in, spread-eagle, squall, storm, supinate, take down, throw, throw down, topple, trip, tumble, waft, wear away, wear off, whack down, whiff, whiffle