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Meaning of BLEED WHITE

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ablate, absorb, abuse, assimilate, bleed, burn up, clip, consume, denude, deplete, deplume, despoil, digest, displume, divest, drain, drain of resources, dry, eat, eat up, erode, exhaust, expend, exploit, finish, finish off, flay, fleece, gobble, gobble up, gouge, hold up, ill-use, impose upon, impoverish, ingest, make use of, manipulate, milk, misuse, overcharge, overprice, overtax, pick clean, play on, pluck, presume upon, profiteer, screw, shear, skin, soak, spend, squander, stick, sting, strip, strip bare, stroke, suck dry, surcharge, swallow, swallow up, swindle, take advantage of, use, use ill, use up, victimize, waste away, wear away, work on, work upon