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Meaning of AT EASE

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adv]  in a relaxed position, of soldiers; "the soldiers were standing at ease"
  2. [adj]  free from worry or anxiety; "knowing that I had done my best, my mind was easy"; "an easy good-natured manner"; "by the time the child faced the actual problem of reading she was familiar and at ease with all the elements words"
  3. [adj]  without strain or anxiety; "gave the impression of being quite relaxed"; "a relaxed and informal discussion"
 Synonyms: at rest, degage, easy, easygoing, laid-back, mellow, unstrained
 Antonyms: tense, uneasy
 See Also: at ease, comfortable, relaxed, unagitated, undisturbed



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abed, accepting, at home, at rest, comfortable, composed, content, contented, easy, easygoing, eupeptic, euphoric, happy, in bed, of good comfort, pleased, reconciled, relaxed, resigned, sans souci, satisfied, uncomplaining, unrepining, without care