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Meaning of OPERATOR

Pronunciation:  'âpu`reytur

Matching Terms:  operator control language, operator gene, operator overloading, operatory

Computing Dictionary

A symbol used as a function, with infix syntax if it has two arguments (e.g. "+") or prefix syntax if it has only one (e.g. boolean NOT). Many languages use operators for built-in functions such as arithmetic and logic.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: activist, actor, administrator, adventurer, agent, architect, author, ball of fire, beaver, behind-the-scenes operator, big operator, big wheel, big-time operator, bustler, busy bee, central, coconspirator, conductor, conniver, conspirator, conspirer, counterplotter, creator, director, doer, driver, eager beaver, eminence grise, engineer, enthusiast, executant, executor, executrix, exploiter, fabricator, faker, finagler, fraud, functionary, gamesman, go-getter, gray eminence, gunslinger, handler, human dynamo, hustler, intrigant, intriguer, kingmaker, lame duck, live wire, logroller, long distance, Machiavellian, machinator, maker, man of action, man of deeds, manager, maneuverer, manipulator, margin purchaser, medium, militant, mover, new broom, operant, operative, operative surgeon, opportunist, PBX operator, performer, perpetrator, pilot, plotter, plunger, political activist, pork-barrel politician, powerhouse, practitioner, prime mover, producer, runner, sawbones, scalper, schemer, smart operator, smoothie, speculator, stag, steersman, strategist, subject, superintendent, supervisor, surgeon, switchboard operator, take-charge guy, telephone operator, telephonist, wheeler-dealer, winner, wire-puller, wise guy, worker