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Meaning of NONPAREIL

Pronunciation:  `nânpu'rel

Matching Terms:  nonpareil . . . abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Computing Dictionary

One of five pedagogical languages based on markov algorithms, used in ["Nonpareil, a Machine Level Machine Independent Language for the Study of Semantics", B. Higman, ULICS Intl Report No ICSI 170, U London (1968)]. The others were brilliant, diamond, pearl and ruby.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: A per se, ace, beau ideal, boss, champion, chief, choice, chosen, commander, cream, dean, elect, elite, exemplar, fat, flower, fugleman, genius, good example, head, higher-up, ideal, jewel, laureate, leader, man of men, master, mirror, model, ne plus ultra, nonesuch, optimum, paragon, pattern, phoenix, pick, prime, principal, prize, prodigy, queen, quintessence, ruler, select, senior, shining example, standard, star, superior, superlative, superman, superstar, the best, the best ever, the greatest, the most, the tops, the very best, top dog, virtuoso