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Meaning of MENTAT

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Computing Dictionary

(After the human computers in Frank Herbert's SF classic, "Dune") An object-oriented distributed language developed at the university of virginia some time before Dec 1987. Mentat is an extension of c++ and is portable to a variety of mimd architectures.

By 1994 Mentat was available for sun-3, sun-4, ipsc/2 with plans for mach, ipsc860, rs/6000 and iris. The language is now (May 1998) supported in a new project, legion.

E-mail: <mentat@uvacs.cs.virginia.edu>.

["Mentat: An Object-Oriented Macro Data Flow System", A. Grimshaw <grimshaw@cs.virginia.edu> et al, SIGPLAN Notices 22(12):35-47, Dec 1987, OOPSLA '87].