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Meaning of LAVA

Pronunciation:  'lâvu

Computing Dictionary

A language for vlsi that deals with "sticks", i.e. wires represented as lines with thickness.

["A Target Language for Silicon Compilers", R.J. Matthews et al, IEEE COMPCON, 1982, pp. 349-353].

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aa, abyssal rock, ash, ashes, basalt, bedrock, block lava, brand, brash, breccia, calx, carbon, charcoal, cinder, clinker, coal, coke, conglomerate, coom, crag, dross, druid stone, festooned pahoehoe, fume, gneiss, granite, igneous rock, limestone, living rock, magma, mantlerock, metamorphic rock, monolith, pahoehoe, pillow lava, porphyry, pudding stone, reek, regolith, rock, ropy lava, rubble, rubblestone, sandstone, sarsen, schist, scoria, scree, sedimentary rock, shelly pahoehoe, slag, smoke, smudge, smut, soot, stone, sullage, talus, tufa, tuff