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Meaning of JUPITER

Pronunciation:  'joopitur

Matching Terms:  jupiter fidius, jupiter fulgur, jupiter fulminator, jupiter optimus maximus, jupiter pluvius, jupiter tonans, jupiter's beard

Computing Dictionary

To kill an irc robot or user and then take its place by adopting its nick so that it cannot reconnect. Named after a particular IRC user who did this to nickserv, the robot in charge of preventing people from inadvertently using a nick claimed by another user.

[jargon file]

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: Agdistis, Amor, Aphrodite, Apollo, Apollon, Ares, Artemis, asteroid, Ate, Athena, Bacchus, Ceres, Cora, Cronus, Cupid, Cybele, Demeter, Despoina, Diana, Dionysus, Dis, Earth, Eros, Gaea, Gaia, Ge, Great Mother, Hades, Helios, Hephaestus, Hera, Here, Hermes, Hestia, Hymen, Hyperion, inferior planet, Jove, Juno, Jupiter Fidius, Jupiter Fulgur, Jupiter Optimus Maximus, Jupiter Pluvius, Jupiter Tonans, Kore, Kronos, Magna Mater, major planet, Mars, Mercury, Minerva, minor planet, Mithras, Momus, Neptune, Nike, Olympians, Olympic gods, Ops, Orcus, Persephassa, Persephone, Phoebus, Phoebus Apollo, planet, planetoid, Pluto, Poseidon, Proserpina, Proserpine, Rhea, Saturn, secondary planet, solar system, superior planet, Tellus, terrestrial planet, Uranus, Venus, Vesta, Vulcan, wanderer, Zeus