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Meaning of FLATTEN

Pronunciation:  'flatn

Matching Terms:  flatten out, flattened, flatter, flatterer, flattering, flatteringly, flattery

Computing Dictionary

To remove structural information, especially to filter something with an implicit tree structure into a simple sequence of leaves; also tends to imply mapping to flat ascii. "This code flattens an expression with parentheses into an equivalent canonical form."

[jargon file]

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: align, assimilate to, balance, beat down, bend, blow down, break, break down, bring down, bulldoze, burn down, cast down, chop down, conquer, crush, cut down, dab, damp, demolish, disentangle, down, drag, dress, dub, equalize, equilibrize, even, extend, fell, floor, flush, grade, grease, ground, harmonize, harrow, homogenize, humble, knock, knock down, knock out, knock over, lay, lay down, lay flat, lay level, lay low, lay out, level, lubricate, make uniform, master, mow, mow down, normalize, oil, override, plane, planish, plaster, press out, prostrate, pull down, put down, put straight, quell, rase, raze, rectify, reduce, regularize, regulate, ride down, roll, roll flat, set straight, shave, sit up, smash, smooth, smooth down, smooth out, smoothen, stabilize, stand up, standardize, steamroll, steamroller, stereotype, straighten, straighten out, straighten up, subdue, subjugate, suppress, symmetrize, take down, tear down, throw down, trample down, trample underfoot, tread underfoot, unbend, uncurl, uniformize, unkink, unsnarl, vanquish